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Photo of a Decorative Oak Wood Quilt Hanger with a patterned Quilt on display
Oak Wood Quilt Hanger with Quilt

Wall Mounted Oak Wood
Quilt Hanger and Shelf

Quilt Hanger Features

These wooden quilt hangers / quilt racks are an extension of our shelves. The same 4 layer finishing process, with an Early American oil based stain, is used on 3/4 inch solid Red Oak wood. The quilt hangers are comprised of a 5.5" shelf and a pincher bar mechanism that will hold a quilt or blanket for displaying on a wall. There is no need for a sleeve on the back of the quilt and no need to drape the quilt over a bar; just slip the top edge of your quilt up between the pincher bar and back plate.

The quilt hanger design is similar to our Country shelves with a cove style bracket and backplate, and a roman ogee style bottom edge on the shelf. When you order a Quilt Hanger REMEMBER that the shelf length needs to be 4 inches longer than the quilt size.

Keyhole slots are used on the back of the quilt hanger for mounting. For more details, please view our mounting instructions and installation section.

Display your quilt where everyone can enjoy it, plus you have a for place special items on the shelf. The shelf can be used to display items such as: plates, pictures, coffee cups, mugs, candles, etc.

You can order a custom hanger with a shelf length from 18 to 52 inches, which would accommodate any quilt from 15 to 48 inches. All hangers are 5.5 inches deep by 5.25 inches high.

Side View of a Decorative Wall Mounted Quilt Hanger, plus Wall Shelf, Oak Wood   Cross section drawing of the wooden wall mounted quilt hanger with shelf   Cross section drawing of the wooden wall mounted quilt hanger with shelf showing pincher bar
Side View,
Quilt Hanger with Shelf
  Cross Section, Side View
Quilt Hanger with Shelf
The cross section picture shows how the rotating pincher bar is designed.
  If your quilt is too large for hanging open, you can rotate the pincher bar to a vertical position (pictured above) and drape the quilt over the bar.

Custom Solid Oak Quilt Hanger with Shelf

$3.00 per inch
Quilt Hanger with Shelf
Model #: QH
FREE SHIPPING! (FedEx Ground, UPS Ground, or USPS parcel post)
Custom orders usually ship within 1-2 weeks.

Front view of a 36" Oak Wood Quilt Hanger
Model #: QH-36
Custom Wall Mounted Quilt Hanger with Shelf made from Oak Wood, 36 inches