About Dave's Wood Goods

Dave’s Wood Goods is a privately owned sole proprietorship and is operated by David Edens. Besides building quality wood products, another primary objective is to have at least 1 in stock item for every product offered and to ship "in stock" products within 1 business day. Exceptions to this might occur with multiple orders of 1 product and my availability for shipping products immediately.

My strengths are my craftsmanship and attention to detail. I apply these characteristics to all phases of product development and production. I use quality tools and materials to produce a product that is a real bargain. I have received many compliments concerning the workmanship of my products (even from other woodworkers) and I also have repeat customers.

Wood Product Construction

Pressed board, particle board or any manufactured wood materials are not used in our products. All products are built with ¾" "select" SOLID red oak wood. Spindles and pegs are purchased from a wood parts supplier, however, these are also solid oak materials. Even the gumball machines are assembled with solid oak.

The back plate, brackets and shelf parts of quilt hangers and all shelves 12 inches and larger, are assembled with glue and recessed screws which are hidden with oak plugs. The 5" shelf and bracket are assembled with a glue and biscuit joint.

All products are hand made by the owner, David Edens. This includes all steps in cutting, sanding, and applying the finish to all products. The finishing steps include staining the wood with Zar brand "Early American" oil based stain. A wood sealer, plus multiple coats of Benjamin Moore low luster polyurethane are applied to give the wood a durable, water resistant, pleasing appearance.

Finishing Process

The special finishing process brings a depth to the beautiful grain of the oak wood. Even though all products are built using the same finishing process, each individual unit has its own unique characteristics; therefore no 2 products are exactly the same.